Let's get dangerous!

Нюхни газу, злодей!

Вместо эпиграфа)
We are the team from Russia that is called X PRO-JeKCT. We are - more than 50 people in Moscow who are engaged in photocosplay and put productions on stages in Moscow and St.Petersburg. 

Народ, X PRO-JeKCT распался, так что это мертвый дневник! Ссылки: vkontakte (Kouji only) deviantart curecos worldcos X PRO-JeKCT фан-клуб вконтакте. Обратите внимание, что акаунтана на beon.ru никогда не было, так что все присутствующие - не наши!

Tokyo Babylon's Subaru Sumeragi
Искусство мангак из арт-группы CLAMP вечно. Вот и нашлось живое воплощение Субару Сумераги из очень неплохого произведения "Токио Вавилон". Яркий и живой, как сошедший из манги! У косплеера есть страничка на русскоязычном вконтакте.

This is not a 'X PRO-JeKCT' photosession, but it is coolest Tokyo Babylon's Subaru I've ever seen up until now, and YES he is russian. You can see the cosplayer's page here. I respect this.
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Me(Kouji Alone) / 2007-2008 мои первые косплей-фото/

Мои самые первые косплей-фото 2007-2008 года
My first cosplay photos of Kamui Shiro, Lelouch Lamperouge and Kouji, which were made in 2007-2008




X PRO-JeKCT, Счастливо оставаться!
The team from Russia called X PRO-JeKCT. 

"Счастливо оставаться!", а я упрыгиваю.
Посвящается всем, кто остался.
Набросок с весны 2009 года.

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X PRO-JeKCT doesn't exist anymore
Dear friends! It's sad to talk about it, but as the only leader and the creator of image I want to state that team X PRO-JeKCT doesn't exist anymore.

Cosplay of Zero(Lelouch) and Order of the Black Knights, Code Geass by Kouji Alone and X PRO-JeKCT.

Who didn't recognize me on the photo - I'm standing in the center!

'Responsibility for all dreams you've given to us lies on you. So if you lie - lie till the end.'. (c) Kallen to Lelouch
'If Zero is alive he'll come to create a miracle!', (c) Tamaki

Thanks to incredible Just Moolti for a photo.

Kouji Alone, CODE GEASS cosplay, SUZAKU and LELOUCH, BEST. Лучшее по Код Гиасс: Сузаку, Лелуш.
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Also please watch other posts there are a lot of photos

Интервью и публикации косплей-команды X PRO-JeKCT:

It`s GEASS POWER! SEXY GIRLS from Code Geass!
Lelouch's summer holidays
The eyes are painted askew, and the face is unlikely character, we made our make-up in unconvenient conditions. So I'll ask the people who will be displeased talk about it not in my channel or LJ. It was a picnic, not a photosession for me! And a cosplay video for fans!
Вот и заканчивается лето, вот и уходят последние деньки для того, чтобы провести пикник. Признаюсь, было холодно, местами мы замерзли, но всё же пикник удался. Не без приключений, но и это хорошо. Такой была наша последняя "летняя" вылазка в 2009 году - в стиле "sexy". О фотографиях можете судить сами. Наши замечательные GEASS -девчонки.
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ENG: We've gone on a picnic to swim in Krugloe lake under the Moscow. Our girls are just brilliant, now I would like to show you each of them so you can look at them more attentively.
Great thanks to all who've gone on this picnic - we've spent these days-off really good. Let that sunny summer day be in our memory for a long time.

Characters: Euphie( shinobi_no_sakura), Cornelia(Rimudo), C.C.(Chichiri), Nunnaly( [Enthusiast] ), Monika Levinsky( Tesska aka Winry ) Nagisa Chiba in Ashford swimsuit(she decided to rest with the students secretly from Todo - MarikoAngel), Suzaku(Tasuki).

Summer photos by Graph Ryu

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LELOUCH ALONE: Kouji Alone`s Lelouch Lamperouge Cosplay
Lelouch has spent the next day alone. Dates with Her were left behind, like this annoying and nasty rain.
Один.. Ширли так и не пришла..
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Lelouch and Shirley Code Geass cosplay by Kouji Alone and Kitana
323.13 КБ

Линия Лелуш+Ширли всегда для меня была особенной.. Лелуш(я) и Kitana(LiliRose) в роли Ширли Феннет
А это первый снег..
  You won't believe, but yesterday...tender snowflakes, soft and quiet, like whisper, were falling on us from the sky... and my sweet girlfriend was shining among them, among light and warm beams of happiness... eternal happiness...  
When we were walking in the park, there was a fall of the first snow... and she... she says, that it must be fate... her's and mine...to walk in the clouds...
I have fallen in love... in love with her smile... now and forever...
~Forever Love~

Me(Kouji Alone) as Lelouch, LiliRose as Shirley

Ещё одна большая моя любовь в этой жизни(кроме Ширли-Китаны) - X PRO-JeKCT:


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